Elements of Design in the Kiss Scene in 'Hitch'

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Elements of Design: Hitch's 'kiss scene' The 2005 Hitch was directed by Andy Tennant. The production designer was Jane Musky and the art director was Patricia Woodbridge. In terms of assessing the contribution of these various individuals, it is important to note that the degree of control may vary from film to film. In general, "a director works with the producer and the screenwriters to determine the best way to visually present the ideas being developed" (What does a film director do, 2012, Discovery Channel). However, the degree to which a director exercises control over different aspects of the production process, like the look of the film's cinematography, is largely dependent upon the personality of the director, even though the director is usually regarded as having the final 'say' about the way the film will appear. The production designer's job fuses art with storytelling. "The production designer is responsible for the overall look of a project. They direct the art department and set builders to turn their imagination into reality. Production design can be a crucial element to any major creative project as the visual elements often help bring the story to life" (Breman 2012). Film is a visual medium, and the 'look' of the film is critical in conveying the director's vision. Some directors may depend more upon their art directors for input into the film's overall appearance. "A film art director acts as the administrator of tasks performed by each member

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