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How the Elements of Fiction are Used in Hawthorns Young Goodman Brown Desiree Terry English Composition II 23 February 2012 Outline Introduction Thesis: Hawthorne uses the Elements of fiction in Young Goodman Brown to depict a story of his family’s history and religious background. I Hawthorne uses time periods, location and physical structure settings that all relate to the Purity society and his historical family story. A. The first setting in young Goodman brown was set in Salem village. This is significant to the story because the witch trials were held in Salem, Massachusetts. B. Hawthorne tells us this in the first paragraph first line by writing. Young Goodman brown came forth at sunset into the street at Salem…show more content…
F. These ribbons are an important factor in the plot, and as an emblem of heavenly faith their color gradually deepens into the liquid flame or blood of the baptism into sin. G. The ribbons can also be seen as a badge of feminine innocence. H. Goodman Brown represents every man, who has struck a universal bargain with Satan. Initially he is young, naïve, and immature and fails to understand the gravity of the step he has taken Conclusion Hawthorne’s use of the Elements of Fiction in Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short novel “Young Goodman Brown” was published in 1835. Hawthorne was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, a village still saturated by its 17th century Puritanism. His father died when he was just four years old, he was left to be rastised by his mother and sister along with aunts. It was Hawthorne’s maternal side of the families that were supportive and watched over him to make sure that he finished college and he went on to become the first one in his family to do this (Turner 33). Hawthorne had put himself through twelve years of isolation in the top floor room of his mother’s house. Hawthorne wanted to make sure that he mastered the art of writing. He was researching the history of England when he discovered his family’s connection to the Salem witch trials and his puritan heritage. Hawthorne
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