Elements of Informed Consent in Medical Ethics

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Elements of informed Consent Consent can be defined as permission granted by a person legally capable does so, to receive medical treatment. Medical, legal, psychological, regulatory and philosophical literatures have tried to analyze informed consent in terms of its elements. Some elements have been identified as fundamental to the concept; they include comprehension, voluntariness, disclosure, competence and consent. These elements imply that a person gives and informed consent if the person is competent to act, receives thorough disclosure about the procedure, comprehends the disclosed information, acts voluntarily and consents. In the case of Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v Danforth; the court gave a definition of informed consent as; the giving the patient information regarding what would be done, and the consequences. This implies that the most essential element of consent is disclosure. A person can make an informed consent in the substantial absence of control by others. Informed consent can legally mean effective approval given by a subject or patient. Informed consent is a fundamentally matter of protecting and enabling autonomous or self- determining choice. The doctrine of informed consent provides that it is the provider's duty, to explain and give information to the patient, which enables the patient to evaluate a proposed medical procedure before submitting to it. Therefore, consent is called informed because it satisfies institutional and legal
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