Elements of Public Health Issues

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Introduction Public health significance refers the impact that a health hazard or health issue has for a collective group of people. In other words, the unit of analysis is the health of a population not the health of the individuals, per se, who make up that population. When a health hazard or health issue is determined to have public health significance, the determinants of public health become a focus. Widespread recognition for the impact of biosocial variables on health drives an institutional response to public health; it is imperative that communities, regions, states, and the nation develop systems to address issues that are significant to the public health. A medical or healthcare focus on the well-being of individuals is insufficient for addressing problems at a level of public health significance. Community-based medicine and public health. Essential public health services include those that provide information about diseases and health issues to the general public, that enable public health workers to monitor the health of a community, and that foster the diagnosis and investigation of threats to community health. Of these three essential public health services, efforts to diagnosis and investigate health issues on a community level may have the greatest positive impact on the health of individual community members. A recent article in the New York Times magazine (Hansen, 2012) covered the community health problems in the Mississippi delta region, and
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