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Elements of Religious Traditions There are many different religions that are practiced all over the world. Most all of these religions share eight elements. These include a belief system, community, central myths, rituals, ethics, characteristic emotional experiences, material expression and sacredness. These various religions all have special traditions that honor the sacred to which its followers believe. Although, there are key critical issues in the study of religion, there are also many benefits. Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam are three examples of religion types that are practiced throughout the world. However, there are also different varieties of these religions practiced. In Christianity, the Orthodox churches of Greece,…show more content…
These are often viewed as having been revealed from a supernatural realm. An example of this are the Ten Commandments that Christians live by, which was written by Moses who was directed by God. Material expression can come by a variety of physical elements like statues, paintings, musical compositions, musical instruments, clothing flowers, ritual objects, and specific locations. Sacredness is the last of the eight elements. There is a distinction made between the sacred and the ordinary. This is emphasized through the use of different language, clothing and architecture. Certain objects, actions, people and places may share in the sacredness. An example of this is the leadership within a religion, like the Catholic Church. Bishops hold the highest sacramental role, then Priests, and then Deacons. The most sacred however, is the core or origin of everything. This sense of a mysterious, originating holiness is called by many names such as, God, Brahman, Dao, Great Mother, Divine Parent, Great Spirit, Ground of Being, Great Mysterious, the Ultimate, the Absolute, the Divine, and the Holy. All religions have their many traditions that honor their sacred. Weddings are a good example of how this common tradition in all religions, vary in the way the ceremony and events surrounding the ceremony are performed. A Christian Wedding is generally held in a church by a Minister or a Priest. Vows are said before God and witnesses, and are meant to be upheld to honor

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