Elements of Religious Traditions Essay

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Elements of Religious Traditions Margaret Chandler REL/133 World Religious Traditions I University of Phoenix May 16, 2011 Elements of Religious Traditions Many people in this world today have some kind of religion in their lives or just none. However, no matter what people beliefs are, they believe in some form of religion in some part of life such as the satanic, idols, myths, or astrology. They believe in some sort of a higher being other than people. Nevertheless, there is a difference between beliefs, being scared, and being religious. In this paper, you…show more content…
However, whenever people learn things, they start to dedicate their lives to what they know or learned. Nevertheless, personal items or ways of beings could become scared in our lives. Therefore, what does it mean to be sacred? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica Company (2011), “Sacred means: dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity” (Definition of SACRED, p. 1). Nevertheless, we have many beliefs, religious and sacred traditions man follow to explain life. All three of these could be present in one religious; however, you do not need to have beliefs to be religious, or be scared and be religious. However, when someone is religious, it comes solely from what person beliefs are, but a person may not be sacred and still be religious. This is said because, some people believe that when you die people come back as either another human or some living creature. However, because they believe in such does not necessarily mean that they are religious, just that they believe. One can have something very sacred to their heart and not be religious. Many denominations of religions in this world; the one we are most familiar within the United States are Christianity, Nonreligious/Secular, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Agnostic, Atheist, Hinduism, and more. According to Adherents.com (2005), "In February and March 2002 the Pew Research Council conducted a survey of 2,002 adults ” (Top Largest

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