Elements of University Composition and Communication !

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Final Assignment
Antonio J. Velazquez Ayala
University Of Phoenix
Elements Of University Composition And Communication I
Prof. Wendell Villanueva


The final work of Comm-170 will bring you some insight one different programs and ways to see how University of Phoenix and out professor Wendell Villanueva has and will help us throughout out college experience. Knowing how to work resources in the University of Phoenix web site and learning the different parts of writing and speech we can attain the progress we need in our professional and personal life.

Part I

A lot of people don’t have wills. Everyone needs a will, but not all people have one.
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Part III

The Writepoint program was really useful in understanding and assimilating my missed used conjunction and sentence fabrication skills in writing in the language of English. For me it was a great tool, and the quickness to give the correction to the student is unremarkable. Now I think this program lacks a bit of words and vocabulary issues. Sometime it spots the problem in your writing but it doesn’t help you get the correct word you need for the paragraph. I had lots of problems trying to find other types of verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, nouns and pronouns for the one I missed used in the paragraph. It would be more easy for the student if this type of program had some type of dictionary applied to it so it becomes more accessible to students are not that dominant of the English vocabulary. But in conclusion it is a great asset to have when writing essays or any casual writing you are tying to do in a language that is not your native or you dominate.

Part IV

The different elements that are used to make paragraphs,essays and thesis are really important to know and master when pursuing an university level education. Its common to see college students not have a great dominance of writing technique at the first year of college. For that is really good to have this type of communication and writing classes that help you develop the different elements of writing and speech. Knowing and developing this types of skills are crucial and
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