Essay about Elements of a Common Ethics Program, A List of Elements

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This Ethics Program is based on our common ethics and is supported through our behavior every day. Company X has highest ethics of skilled integrity and ethics in the professional community. Continuing and improving our outstanding character is vital to our accomplishments. The company’s focus is on our customers, results and acting with fairness, honesty and integrity. At all times during business dealings and relationships an employee is to demonstrate these values.

1) Honesty- Always be honest in your actions. Never make false or lying statements to anyone.
2) Integrity- Make sure to do the right ethically and legally.
3) Fairness- This company has an anti-bullying code of ethics. We do not allow anyone to
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3) Reporting Violations
If an employee or yourself that you believe might have violated the ethics program or any law you must promptly report the violation. This allows the company to take care of any possible problems that might rise.
4) Auditing Employee misconduct
When the human resource department receives the alleged violation the Ethics program manager will instantly place an investigation on the violation. The investigation will include the following interviews of each employee involved and any documents that may pertain to the case. Each employee involved with the case will be put on leave of absence with or without pay. All employees involved in the investigation should fully cooperate with any investigation. Each employee will be protected against retaliation from the suspect in violation of the ethics program. Anyone who shows retaliation towards an individual or the individuals who assist during the investigation will be promptly terminated.

Evaluating Effectiveness and Suggestions for Improvement
1) Evaluating Effectiveness
a. The ethics program manager will oversee the implementation of the ethics program. The ethics manager will provide and maintain all documentations regarding the ethics program for employees. This employee will manage the effectiveness of the program. The ethics manager will be teamed up with the human resources department to evaluate the effectiveness of the program quarterly.
2) Suggestions for
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