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ELEMICACooperation, Collaboration and Community |


Prepared by: Raphael Hassler

Title | : Elemica e-Business Initiative | Prepared for | : Dr. xxx, CEO of Elemica Inc. | Prepared by | : Raphael Hassler, CTO of Elemica Inc. | Date | : 5 June 2011 | |

This is an in-depth study of Elemica’s existing B2B online business and the report contains the findings and its business potential of achieving a larger market share of the online supply chain management in the world. Several key factors have been considered and analyzed and a strategic plan developed to achieve Elemica’s e-Business initiative of global expansion.

The e-Business
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Companies build a community where they can trade materials amongst each other while the hub itself (provided by Elemica) does not buy, sell or own products. Companies are often competitors but also customers of each other.
Founded in 2000 by 22 leading corporations in the chemical industry (including oil and industrial gases), the company has enjoyed the benefits of being pioneers in the industry and one of the few survivors still successfully existing. The chemical industry is a $1.3 trillion business made up of many companies of all sizes. As at to-date, Elemica connects more than 3,000 companies across multiple industries, processing over $70 billion in annual transactions. Clients include Arkema, BASF, Continental, The Dow Chemical Corporation, DuPont, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, LANXESS, Rhodia, Shell, and Wacker (, 2011).

Elemica’s headquarters are in Pennsylvania (US) and it has offices in Georgia (US), Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo with a total of 175 employees (, 2011).

* Value proposition

Elemica states that tens of billions of dollars are lost on supply chain inefficiencies. The complete supply chain network business model, reliable platform, easy to use software, high customer’s satisfaction, years of experience, deep industry expertise and

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