Elemira Heights Case Studies

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ELMIRA HEIGHTS (WENY) - The names of the two teenage boys who police say set fire to a warehouse in Elmira Heights have been released. 16-year-old Steven Fenner and 16-year-old Kurtis Mayes, both of Elmira Heights, have been charged with arson.

Elmira Heights Police say the teens broke into the warehouse on Prescott Avenue Sunday night, set a broom on fire, and threw it on a pile of cardboard boxes. Elmira Heights Police Officer Stephen Cook says the boys became persons of interest around midnight. Around 3 A.M. the teens were arrested and brought before a judge. Police say the teenagers will be charged as adults, and will be eligible as youthful offenders.

Fire crews were on scene for nearly 24 hours working to put out the smoldering
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