Elena Reston: A Short Story

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Elena Reston was laying in the arms of Mark Niles, one of the cities wealthiest businessmen. His field of choice was car trading. Apparently, he also liked to trade in his women - at least for the night. "Shit, my wife will be home any second. You better get out of here," he said suddenly, pulling the blankets off her almost-naked body. For all of his business-minded ingenuity, she was surprised that he somehow didn't know that even though all escorts had to say they had a "strictly no touching" policy, it usually meant just the opposite. Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead as he stammered out, "would you like to, um, lay in bed... lay in bed, that is, with me for a while?" Which was exactly what they did. Elena had slipped off her…show more content…
She idly wondered what she had done wrong this time. Unlike the other girls, she hardly depended on her newfound profession, which didn't exactly make her the best employee. She refused to escort men for the most random and unexpected reasons, from the man's fashion choices to place of residence to presence of excess facial hair. She was late to her dates all the time. If the man was a particular asshole, she just left the date and forfeited her pay. Just a few months ago, she'd been a junior in college. She majored in English, minored in art, and spent her free time going to fraternity parties, like every other 21-year-old. And then, there was the car crash that fantastically killed both of her parents. Two birds with one stone. She had been in the middle of an English final, and by the time that she got out and checked her voicemail, they were both gone. The next week, over a million dollars had made its way into her bank account. So what was the point of going to college, anyway? She could write a book or take photographs whenever she wanted. When one of her sorority sisters jokingly suggested they all drop out and become escorts, because it was easier money, instead of laughing, Elena thought, why not? And so when she rode the elevator up to her manager's apartment after having laid in bed in her underwear with a married man, it was just another normal night for Elena
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