Elephant Research Paper

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800,000 seems like a huge number until it becomes clear that it used to be several million (“Basic Facts About Elephants”). Most would never guess that these numbers are those of the elephant population. Everyday the population gets smaller and smaller, and humans are the reason why, but also the only way to get those numbers back up. The elephant population has decreased immensely and could vanish if steps are not taken, humans are the only hope for seizing the poaching, ivory trade, and habitat takeover.
The population consists of two main species of Elephant, the Asian and the African. The Asian elephant is divided into three subspecies: the Indian, Sumatran, and the Sri Lankan (“Asian Elephant”). African elephants are split into
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A clothing company by the name of Ivory Ella donates 10% of their profits to save the elephants. They just want to bring the globe together to save the animals that cannot save themselves. Ivory Ella creates shirts and other accessories with elephants on them and sells them to acquire money for their cause. They have donated nearly one million dollars so far to elephant organizations, and are still on the rise ("About Us"). With the help of loyal customers millions more could go towards the cause. Ivory Ella followed shortly after another clothing company with similar intentions. In 2014 another company by the name The Elephant Pants was created with similar ideas to Ivory Ella.The two founders of this company were travelling and found themselves absolutely awestruck by the elephants they encountered, they finally understood why people loved them so much, travelled so far to see them, and most importantly why they needed to help save them so others could come to the same realization. So two men set out to create a company which would donate money to elephant organizations, by selling comfortable pants online. “Since The Elephant Pants opened it’s doors in 2014, it has sold more than 400,000 pairs of pants and donated more than $127,000 to organizations looking to make the world a safer place for elephants” (“Our Story”). Without donors like these, the population could drop and organizations would have to close down due to
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