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Elephantiasis Unit 3 Case Study 1 Jessica Beadles Dr. Stephen Brown Anatomy and Physiology 2 7/07/2013 Abstract With this case study, I am presenting to the class the medical condition called Elephantiasis. Included in this presentation is a definition of the disease, early symptoms, treatment options and known preventative measures that can be taken to protect yourself from this horrible condition that alters the active daily living activities of a little over a billion people, worldwide. Definition Elephantiasis is the end stage lesion of filariasis; characterized by extensive swelling usually of the external genitalia and legs. It is usually the end symptom of filarial worms present for years…show more content…
The red streaks on the skins also indicate cellulitis which means that the lymph tissues are infected. Treatment Options The most common treatment option is often continuous rounds of antibiotic therapy, most likely the antibiotic called Doxycycline. The antibiotic treatment used to treat elephantiasis must be administered for a consecutive 8 months. If the treatment is not administered for the full 8 months and for any as long as symptoms are apparent, the parasitic worms will return a year after treatment. Another treatment option is the use of antifilarial drugs, such as Albendazole, which is simply put a broad spectrum de-wormer commonly used in domestic animals. Severe cases of the parasitic infection that has taken over any of the extremities or genitalia must be amputated due to the lack of blood flow and circulation. Some cases have been known to be remedied by the use of chemotherapy which uses low dose radiation to kill the parasitic worms in the body, but this is an extreme treatment seeing to how chemotherapy can sometimes do more harm than good for the body. Prevention The only absolute prevention is to avoid the tropic countries that are plagued with this problem, but if there is an absolute need to travel in these areas, precautions include; Use of a bug repellant spray, preferable one that is DEET free. These sprays can be found in health food stores, or any place

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