Elgin Marbles Essay

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The case of cultural artifacts being divided from their origins is not a new issue to arise in the art community. The Parthenon (Elgin) Marbles are a source of controversy between modern Britain and Greece. The Parthenon, and its sculptures/marbles, have a history that stretches back 2500 years, when it was built to honour a goddess of wisdom, Athena. The Parthenon has been a Christian church and a Muslim mosque, but has been ruined since 1687, when gunpowder stored inside exploded and attackers bombarded the structure. Over the centuries the stones which both constituted and adorned the Parthenon had been damaged. Documentation of the history. The Parthenon marbles play a pivotal role in the history of art and are part of primary inspiration for artists for thousand of years.…show more content…
It was admitted that, yes, for over 200 years they were kept safe from harm, but the marbles would not be placed in the same conditions that they were in previously, but given a new home in at the new Acropolis Museum “ reunited” to their original home. It would be literally impossible to actually place them back on the Parthenon because it is now in ruins. The Greeks would be willing to allow the marbles to visit to different well known museums, such as the British Museum. It has been a concern out the Greece is in economic turmoil and deals with heavy pollution. Those excuses however are weak in that London also deals with pollution themselves. The marbles would be well conserved behind heavy glass and preserved by professionals while they are in their
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