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University of Maryland Case Study Analysis Eli Lilly: Developing Cymbalta Case Study AMBA 650 Section 1131 Kelvin Harris January 24, 2012 Executive Summary Eli Lilly and Company resounding success was the arrival of Prozac in 1988. By mid-1988, a new anti-depressant team was formed to find and develop a drug that would be the successor to Prozac. The strategic issues and problems they faced were developing a new drug to replace Prozac, meeting the company budget constraints to perform clinical trials, and finally launch the new drug by mid-2001. The analysis and evaluation revealed that the pharmaceutical industry is changing fast and it usually takes a long time and millions of dollars to develop a new drug.…show more content…
This new drug was to would be a successor to Prozac and needed be launched 18 months before the expiration of the Prozac patent. Cymbalta is a serotonin and norepinephrine receptor inhibitor that was developed for the Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) market. After years of expert assessment, Cymbalta study revealed greater reduction in the symptoms of depression as compared to Prozac and placebo. Identification of the strategic issues and problems The strategic issues and problems facing Eli Lilly and Company was to develop a new product to replace Prozac; how to meet the company budget constraints to perform clinical trials; and launch Cymbalta within the 15 to18 month time frame of Prozac patent expiration. This includes design, enroll patients, analyze and document the findings of the clinical trial. Prozac was a resounding success for Lilly in the 1990s. However, the NAT mission was to develop and launch a new drug to replace Prozac by June 2002. The pharmaceutical research and development is well-known for being an extremely long and risky process. To help develop a new drug to replace Prozac, the strategy of the NAT should be to decide now on the clinical trials to be conducted which will allow proper time for research and development. They should also understand the sources of

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