Elias Chcour Blood Brothers Themes

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Imagine that one day, soldiers storm to your village and demand you to leave the area temporarily due to security reasons. The next day, you find out that your house and the entire village have been pillaged and destroyed, leaving you with no shelter. Well, this was just the beginning of the many tragic incidents that Elias Chacour experienced during his life as a Palestinian. In the book, Blood Brothers, Chacour recounts the events of his life as a testament of peace and reconciliation among all ethnic and religious groups in Israel. In the book, Chacour uses a first-person narrative structure, the theme of peace, and logos in his story to urge the readers to re-evaluate their deeply held biases on issues involving the conflict and to become…show more content…
It is evident that Chacour argues for a peaceful approach as he bases his experience on forgiveness, compassion, and reconciliation throughout the book. Having learned from his father that their “lives were bound together with the other people who inhabited Palestine-the Jews,” he knew that it was only through peaceful coexistence that both the Jews and Palestinians could end the long feud (Chacour ). Later on, he finds his answer to his question of “how can we ever find again the peace we used to share with our Jewish neighbors and help my parents-my Palestinian people?(Chacour )” He quotes a verse from Matthew 5:9 which says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God”(The Holy Bible). This is the central aspect of his theme of peace when Chacour realizes from Jesus’ words and commits himself to God as an instrument of peace and reconciliation for both Palestinians and Jews. Therefore, the theme of peace accomplishes Chacour’s purpose of encouraging the readers to rethink on their opinions on the issue of the conflict and help them to recognize that his efforts as a peacemaker are the solution for a peaceful coexistence for both Palestinians and Jews
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