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Before Elie was taken to the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz, he was recognized as a quiet boy that was deep in his religious studies. In 1944, Elie was pushed into a cattle car, and his life changed forever. When Elie was a child, he lived in the small town of Sighet Marmației, Romania. Life was easy for Elie before the Germans invaded Poland in 1939. He was studying his religion, denying the truth, and showing his faithfulness to god. ( Weisel 4) Elie was a strong believer in god, for he studied the way of a “Holy” life, day and night. He started with the basics, like Talmud, and sought a mentor. Moshe the Beadle, a homeless man that was generally ignored by the public, became Elie’s mentor. (Weisel 3) During the day, Elie studied Talmud, a text that mainly focuses on Rabbinic law, and how to live a life that shall pass you to heaven when you die. (Weisel 3) “ We spoke that way almost every evening, remaining in the synagogue long after the Faithful had gone, sitting in a semi-darkness where only a few half-burnt candles provided a flicker of light” (Wiesel 5). Moshe the Beadle and Elie stayed at night long after the faithful had gone home, therefore showing how committed he was to learn the ways of God. As time passed, and Elie got older, he began to take more pride in his studies and began to pray in public. “He watched me one day as I prayed at dusk.” “Why do you cry when you pray?” (Moshe the Beadle asked Elie) “ I don't know. I cried when I prayed

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