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ELIE SAAB Lebanese designer Elie Saab has long been a leading name in haute couture in the Middle East, where his romantic, crystal-encrusted gowns attracted princesses to his Beirut atelier, opened in 1982 when he was just 18 years old. His ready-to-wear line, which launched in 1998 in Milan, heralds the same feminine aesthetic as his couture dresses, with brightly colored silks, chiffons, pearl beading, and embroidered lace. With their Middle Eastern detailing and European sensibility, Saab gowns are also at home on the Hollywood red carpet. Halle Berry famously wore one of Saab’s designs to pick up her Academy Award for Monster Ball in 2002. Many other celebrities have been seen wearing his designs including Rachel McAdams, Mila Kunis,…show more content…
Saab creates fairytale designs whilst always maintaining a delicate sophistication. There is always some incredible detail on the dresses really displaying the designer’s talent. When Elie Saab was asked to dress Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy for her wedding to Luxembourg Crown Prince Guillaume it was no surprise for he has known the bride for eight years. The amount of effort he put into the dress was astounding and from Saab, one would expect nothing less. A writer from Women’s Wear Daily stated, “The dress required 3,200 hours of work and embroidery, and 700 hours of sewing by a team of 10 seamstresses and 15 embroiderers. De Lannoy’s wedding dress was embroidered with 200 transparent sequins, more than 80,000 different transparent crystals and 50,000 small beads. All that finery needed more than 10,000 meters of silver-plated thread, according to Saab. When all was said and done, the gown called for 50 meters of Chantilly lace, 40 meters of Calais lace, 30 meters of satin organza, 70 meters of 4 tulle, silk crepe for the lining, and 15 meters of silk tulle for the veil.” [1] Further proving his commitment to his work and his ability to create incredible designs to not only make any woman feel like a princess, but to actually fit a princess for her own wedding. Saab doesn’t do much to advertise his clothing. Besides runway shows he get’s all of his business from celebrities who already wear his designs and others who

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