Elie Saab 's Influence On Fashion Starting From Early Ages Essay

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Elie Saab developed an interest on fashion starting from early ages. Built his first atelier only at the age of 18. His passion for fashion and haute couture grew in the following years and has dedicated himself to his brand from design to brand and customer communications .According to him :“Couture was a creative engine for the entire brand, a marketing tool for foundation of an image on a profound long term level.”


2.1. Core Product-Total Product View

1. Elie Saab ,when first entered the Market with a workshop in Beirut ,were known as a haute couture brand. That is, manufacturing custom clothes ordered by a specific customer with a high quality and expensive fabric , mostly targeting celebrities. After a while due to the changing trends across the world, they launched first RTW collection in Milan focused on the idea of affordable luxury brand that did not require the customized service. Another product line, wedding dresses were classified neither Haute couture nor RTW. They were sold through Boutiques. Another step for brand’s product strategy was to expand product variety to fragrances and accessories and signed a cosmetic license contract. Aside from fashion industry, Elie Saab formed alliances to develop signature hotels. Designing super yacht which are distinctive examples of luxury was included in the Business model.
As a brief summary above, core business of ES can be classified as designing haute couture dresses to

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