Elie Weisel And Charlotte Delbo

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When dealing with Non-Fiction and Memoir it is imperative to realize that no two authors will approach telling their story in the same manner. Elie Weisel and Charlotte Delbo, two survivors of Auschwitz, both chose to write their Memoir as testimonials of their experiences. Despite sharing a method of testimonial and similar experiences in their stories, the two finished pieces are nearly entirely different. This paper will focus on Elie Weisel’s method of reporting his experiences to the reader, as opposed to a brief discussion on Delbo who tends to reflect. The scene of focus in the comparison and contrast will be the arrival scene as the authors enter into Auschwitz. This is a universal scene that would have been similar for everyone that entered into the camp, so it is what I call a unique shared experience, as everyone’s experiences will of course vary. But, aside from being a common experience it is also a common primary reflective moment that both authors spend quite a bit of time discussing. It is worthwhile to note that differences in writing style may reflect personal experiences while in the camp, but also the verbal tools and abilities already possessed by the individual at the time the even took place. Weisel was only fifteen years old when he entered Auschwitz, and was sixteen upon his departure. Though he did receive schooling it is not improbable to conclude that his lack of eloquence and artistic writing ability is partly the result of an untrained writer.

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