Elie Weisel's Relationship with His Father in Essay

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Elie Weisel's Relationship with His Father in Night

The Holocaust was one of the most horrific and dehumanizing occurrences that the human race has ever endured. It evolved around cruelty, hatred, death, destruction and prejudice. Thousands of innocent lives were lost in Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jewish population. He killed thousands of Jews by way of gas chamber, crematorium, and starvation. The people who managed to survive in the concentration camps were those who valued not just their own life but others as well. Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor and author of the novel, Night, expressed his experiences very descriptively throughout his book. When Elie was just fifteen years old his family was shipped off
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At this point, the Jews did not know where they were going and Elie had managed to stay optimistic but he began to change his feelings when he saw his father's tears. The tears were the first stage of change his fathers goes through. Elie had never seen his father cry, so he knew something was wrong. After a long uncomfortable train ride, the Jews ended up at Buchenwald. This is where Elie's family was separated from each other. He and his father were told to go in one line and his mother and sister were ordered to go into another line. It was the last time they would ever see each other again. As Elie and his father walked in their line toward the flames, Elie questions if they could actually burn a human being. When his father tells him that anything can happen on this day Elie says, "if that is so, I don't want to wait here. I'm going to run to the electric wire. That would be better than a slow agony in the flames." (pg. 31) His father did not answer him, he was crying. Although they ended up taking a sudden turn before getting to the flames this symbolizes the small thread by which he and his father hung on. Later on in the book after they had endured more pain and were forced to run and run Elie describes his father's appearance. "How he had changed! His eyes had grown dim. I would have liked to speak to him, but I did not know what to say."(pg. 34) Elie had sympathy for his father and did not like seeing him the way he was. However,

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