Elie Wiesel : A Devout Follower Of The Jewish Faith

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Elie Wiesel was a devout follower of the Jewish faith. At a young age, he developed a strong desire to grow in his faith by studying and following Jewish principles. Under the instruction of his mentor, Moishe the Beadle, Elie studied the Torah and the Cabbala. He described his first account of Jewish oppression when Moishe was deported for months and returned to Sighet to inform the remaining Jews of the deportees’ fate and to warn them of what was to come. He spoke of Jews being brutally abused and infants burned alive. No one seemed to heed Moishe’s warning. Soon after, German Nazis invaded Hungary and forced Elie and his family along with several other Jewish communities into small ghettos. This was only the beginning of the numerous accounts of brutality and suffering that he would face. Wiesel and the others resided in the ghettos until the German officers transported them to Birkenau. It was here that Elie and his father were eternally torn from his mother and sisters. Elie was determined to stay with his father by any means necessary. He and his father undergo the first of many ‘selections’ in which it was decided whether they would live or die. Passing through selections became the key to their survival. The German officers judged the captives by their physique. Those who seemed physically able to perform strenuous labor would work in the concentration camp. Those who did not would be burned alive. During the first selection, Elie, and his father were advised by

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