Elie Wiesel Alternate Ending

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The light hurt Wolfgang’s eyes as he open his eyes and looked up into the sky.His eyes strained because he remembers everything, the beating and his experience at Auschwitz. “Hey Shmuel, we going to work digging out of here?” “I’m sorry Wolfgang I can not, my friend has asked me to has asked me to meet him at the fence. I believe he could help us get out of here, but I will not try to give away my ideas of freedom.” “That is okay,” Wolfgang said, “I’ll do it myself friend.” From a secluded part of the camp, Wolfgang tried to dig his brother and himself out of Auschwitz, an extermination camp, a place of torture and death. Until one day when he was digging to crawl underneath the electrified fence. “What are you doing?” said an unknown…show more content…
“My name, yes, it is Wolfgang Amadeus. What is yours?” “My name is Josef, Josef Mengele. Would you like a chocolate?” “Yes sir,” Wolfgang said, “I would love a chocolate.” Weeks passed and Wolfgang grew close to Dr. Josef Mengele. As it turns out his parents knew doctor Mengele very closely before they died and was adopted into a Jewish family. Mengele would treat Wolfgang as if they had been best friends for the longest time. One day, Mengele called him up to meet him and walked in on Mengele beating his friend Shmuel. “Stop, stop! Please Mr. Meng-” Wolfgang said running to protect shmuel. Smack!Mengele had smacked Wolfgang across the mouth. Wolfgang then realised his mistake, trusting a Nazi officer, who in the first place is the reason on why he is here. Running out the door he hears Mengele screaming,” This is what you get for stealing food off the dinner table!You worthless-” A couple hours later, he sees Shmuel with a black eye. “I’m sorry Shmuel, I didn’t want you to be
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