Elie Wiesel And Oskar Schindler And Schindler's List

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Millions of Jews died in world war 2 millions of innocent lives perished one of the darkest chapters in human history. At Auschwitz alone, more than 2 million Jews were murdered (
To begin, Night published by Elie Wiesel, the summary of night, Jews were being sent to concentration camps to work and be safe during the war. the Jews were tortured and killed by the s.s soldiers. The Jews were liberated by the red army at the end of the war. Secondly, Schindler’s List Directed by Steven Spielberg. Schindler only Wants money and cares only about his business. Starts seeing the pain of the jews and he reciprocates by helping them: turning his factory into a safe place for jews. Schindler saved more than 1100 jews and have freed them
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(Wiesel pg.112) Elie witnessing his father’s death is painful enough, not being able to say goodbye is even more challenging but Elie kept fighting even though his father is already gone. In contrast, when Schindler bought 1100 jews from Goeth and bring them all back to his factory to work. (Schindler’s List, 1993) eventhough Schindler is german he’s brave enough to support the Jews and save them from being killed and slaughtered at Aushwitz. Wiesel and Schindler are both fight for what they want. Wiesel and Schindler are both brave and courageous but they have more similarities as a person.

One major similarity between Elie Wiesel and Oskar Schindler is that they’re both sympathetic and caring about others. For instance, Elie not wanting to die for his father show how much he really cared for others. “I had no right to let myself die what would he do without me? I was his sole support”, (Wiesel pg. 87) Elie not wanting to die for his father is the symbolism of sympathy. Moving on, Schindler shows sympathy to the jews he helped them escape Aushwitz and in turn saving thousands of lives. (Schindler’s List, 1993) Schindler saw what that the soldiers are doing to the jews he felt the pain that the Jews felt He genuinely cared what others are feeling. If neither one of the main characters are sympathetic and truly cared for others Wiesel would’ve already give up and died, and Schindler Would’nt be able to save the Jews. Wiesel and
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