Elie Wiesel

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Creative Title A time where people were forced to leave their homes and everything they had in possession. This is something that happens to Elie Wiesel author and main character of NIGHT. Elie and his family are from jewish descent and are dehumanized by the Germans and forced into labour camps to work. They never knew what dangers they had ahead of them always having ignorance only to face the consequences. To lose and to have everything only to be gone in a second never to be returned. Throughout his journey he finds himself powerless but only to find he stills has his dignity. He even finds his humanity for his father for the last person that was there to support him and care for him. One important lesson Elie shows in his book is…show more content…
Another theme that elie shows in the book is in a terrible or even horrible situation you always need your humanity at side. Elie meets a french girl when he was at one of his terrible times she showed that the humanity was still in her no matter what happened. “I dragged myself to my corner. I ached all over. I felt a cool hand wiping my blood-stained forehead. It was the French girl. She gave me her mournful smile and slipped a bit of bread into my hand. She looked into my eyes. I felt that she wanted to say something but was choked by fear. For a long moment she stayed like that, then her face cleared and she said to me in almost perfect german: ‘Bite your lip, little brother. . . . Don't cry. Keep your anger and hatred for another day, for later on. The day will come, but not now. . . . Wait. grit your teeth and wait. . . .’ ” (Wiesel #51). The significance of this quote is how she had the humanity to help someone and make them feel better after all of it. She put him first before anyone. Her kindness and her words showed that she still had her humanity to be there for him. She even put her life on the line for him. She never spoke so they thought she was french but as said “...In almost perfect German...” she spoke kind words that even if a kapo heard her she would have died. For they would have punished her. Later in the book elie would have been punished or even killed for what he had done to be with his father. “The SS officers were doing the selection: the weak, to the left; those who walked well, to the right. My father was sent to the left. I ran after him. An SS officer shouted at my back: "Come back!" I inched my way through the crowd. Several SS men rushed to find me, creating such confusion that a number of people were able to switch over to the right—among them my father and I. Still, there were gunshots and some dead. The importance of
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