Elie Wiesel Journey

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In the book “Night” the author Elie Wiesel describes his journey throughout the holocaust and the experiences that he encountered during the years that he was taken prisoner. During Elie's time in the holocaust he met many people that he remembered until the day that he died. A couple years ago Elie passed away due to natural causes at the age of 87. Elie has met up in heaven with the individuals that he loved and some of his closest friends that had already passed away. The people that Elie would most likely met up with, is his father, Shlomo, his mother Sarah, and his sister that passed away, these are the people that made the most impact on Elie. Other people that Elie would have met up with are some that maybe made the smallest or biggest impacts on his survival at Auschwitz. The three people that Elie would have met in heaven are Stein, the young French women that Elie worked with, and “the man”. One of the three people that Elie would have loved to meet up with in heaven was his relative Stein. Elie was first introduced to Stein at Auschwitz when he heard a scream, “ Who among you is Wiesel from Sighet” (Wiesel 43) later in the passage Stein goes on to tell them that he is Reizel’s (Ellie's aunt) husband. Later in the book Elie finds out that Stein had passed away after hearing that his daughter and wife had died. Elie would love to meet up in heaven with Stein because he was his uncle and he had also helped Elie stay alive. In the camp Stein would go to Elie and his
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