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Night is just one of many memoirs by Elie Wiesel, who survived the Holocaust. Wiesel feels compelled to bear witness to the suffering that he experienced and observed in the concentration camps. In Night he narrates the experience of the deaths of his family members, the death of his adolescence, and the death of his naïve belief in mans innate goodness. At the beginning of the book, with nothing else to cling onto, prisoners in camps hold onto their family members. The most important thing to do is staying with your for as long as possible. Elie Wiesel was born on September 30th, 1928, in Sighet. Sighet was a small town in Transylvania that was apart of Romania but became part of Hungary in 1940. Elie and his family spoke Yiddish…show more content…
Moishe prays to god to help him live. Moishe gets back into town by train and starts crying when he prays. Elie sees Moishe crying and asks him what’s wrong. Moishe tells Elie his story through tears. Elie starts worrying if this will happen to anyone else. Everybody was losing their faiths faster in the concentration camps. After a substantial amount of time spent in camps, a lot of people lose faith after enduring the brutality of the camps. People see how much ration of food they get. Prisoners were being hung for stealing food. A boy and two adults were hung , but the boy stayed alive because he was too light. After the boy died, the soup tasted like corpses. How could god let all the hangings happen and not do anything? Every few weeks during inspection there were hangings to shame the thieves for trying to get more food. A young boy was hung and the SS officers voice shook from trying to not cry. The two men died instantly while the child swung between life and death for half an hour. Prisoners were beaten badly by SS officers and other prisoners for not listening to instructions. An SS guard wanted Elie’s gold crown but didn’t give it up. The guard beat his father for two weeks. Eventually Elie…show more content…
Elie realizes his father doesn’t have enough strength to live on his own. “Its too late to save your old father, I said to myself” (pg 105). He felt guilty because he couldn’t help his dad. He begins to rely on himself because he knows that only he could help himself in his time of need. Elie stays in Buchenwald after his father dies for a few months. SS officers removed thousands of prisoners everyday until the camps were empty. American tanks arrive in Buchenwald to free the jews. The free men stuff their bodies with food and Elie does the same, getting food poisoning. Although Night isn’t necessarily a memoir, since the works mixture of testimony, deposition, and emotional truth-telling renders it similar to works in the memoir genre. Its clear that Elie is meant to serve, to a great extent, as the authors stand-in and representative. All of my points in this essay connect on the story Night. It beats around the bush of the story not making it plagiarized and still on point of the story. There were less survivors in the Holocaust than there were deaths. But a lot did make it out before being gassed, hung, burned, shot, and buried. Elie beared witness,
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