Elie Wiesel Writing Style

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The Holocaust was a time of death. It was initiated by Adolf Hitler and his German army and was the mass genocide that killed over six million Jews. Among those were women and children being sent to death right away, the others were then “selected”, Elie Wiesel was one of the lucky ones. He was a survivor who lived to tell about his experience in the death camps. Elie Wiesel wrote the book ‘Night’ because he felt it was his duty and responsibility to show readers what really happened during the Holocaust. His writing style effectively develops his point of view so he is able to convey a compelling story-his story. Death camps-A very heart wrenching subject. As a young boy, Elie had to experience the pain and suffering that was considered “normal” in a concentration camp. Death become just death, people became numb, life went on until one day you couldn’t go on and were then sent to the crematorium. Survival was a huge aspect in the book ‘Night’. The daily rations were a piece of stale bread and some soup. As time went on rations got less and people began to get ravenous. As stated in the text “You’re killing your father…I have bread…for you too…for you too…” (Wiesel 101) The theme of survival relates not to just this book and the Holocaust, but in the real world. It is our humanly instincts to stay alive. Once that factor kicks in you start to lose sight of what matters in your life, like happiness and relationships. That’s why on page 101 the boy killed his father for just
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