Essay on Elie Wiesel's Survival in Night

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Night Elie Wiesel writes about his personal experience of the Holocaust in his memoir, Night. He is a Jewish man who is sent to a concentration camp, controlled by an infamous dictator, Hitler. Elie is stripped away everything that belongs to him. All that he has worked for in his life is taken away from him instantly. He is even separated from his mother and sister. On the other side of this he is fortunate to survive and tell his story. He describes the immense cruel treatment that he receives from the Nazis. Even after all of the brutal treatment and atrocities he experiences he does not hate the world and everything in it, along with not becoming a brute. In Night, he informs his reader of many examples on how a myriad of good…show more content…
But he does not turn into a brute. He escapes this fate essentially because he is lucky. Why did he survive and others did not? There is, in fact no accurate explanation. He himself does not know the answer to this. “If heaven could or would perform a miracle for me, why not for others more deserving than myself? It was nothing more than chance. However, having survived, I needed to give some meaning to my survival” (vii Wiesel) He wonders why he is someone that is alive today and a plethora of the other Jews are not. There might not be an explanation, but it happened for a reason. He wants to give people somewhat of an experience of the Holocaust. He wants to do something that will make a difference because he did in fact survive. Another part of the reason that Elie does not turn into a brute is because he is an incredibly intelligent person. He might not think it, but he knows in his heart that he should not show acrimony toward the world but rather help it. He also proves to be intelligent while he is in the camps. When he did not want his tooth to be pulled he pretended that he was sick. “I shall remove your gold crown …’‘ I thought of pretending to be sick. I don’t feel well, I have a fever…”(52 Wiesel). This is just one example to show of how smart and clever he is. He knows that turning into a brute will benefit no one, including himself. By not being a brute, he learns in a way to cope with the atrocities of the camps. His intelligence of knowing that he
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