Elie Wiese's Dangerous and Frightening Life in Night Essays

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During 1944, Europe was a very dangerous place to grow up in. Adolf Hitler,who was the leader of Nazi Germany had a vendetta to take out the Jewish inhabitants of Europe and all over the world. So being a Jew in any European country was a constant struggle of persecution and fear, because Hitler had absolutely no remorse and would do whatever it took to take out the Jewish religion. Elie Wiesel was a young boy growing up in the small town of Sighet, Hungary. He was very religious and spent much of his own time studying the Talmud and reading into the Jewish religion. He was an ambitious character and had very little hate for anyone, he also was very open minded and very compassionate for all those around him. But when the Nazis first…show more content…
But yet he continued his belief in Judaism and did not lose his faith. Elies family was a very well respected family in the town of Sighet, his father was very well liked but also he was very realistic. He would ask Elie why he prayed so much and his views on Jewish religion. Elies father did not support Elies passion for studying the Kabbalah, saying"You are too young for that. Maimonides tells us that one must be thirty before venturing into the world of mysticism, a world fraught with peril. First you must study the basic subjects, those you are able to comprehend". Elie and his father had a distant relationship while they lived with their entire family, but when Elie and his father are separated from the rest of their family they gain a much closer relationship as they try to survive the Nazi concentration camp. Elies father does everything he can to protect his son, and at Aushwitz as they pass the ditches that the babies and infants are burned in, his father wishes that Elie was sent with his mother because he does not want to watch his only son die. Elie and his father suffer a year at Auschwitz, they go through the pain and suffering of being separated from their family and the uncertainty of what the future holds for each of them. Each day they not only suffer from the harsh working conditions and lack of food and rest but also must watch many die right before their eyes. While Elie and his father work at the factories at Buna they

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