Eliezer's Relationship with His Father Essay

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Eliezer’s Relationship with his Father In his book, Night, Elie Wiesel spoke about his experience as a young Jewish boy in the Nazi concentration camps. During this turbulent time period, Elie described the horrifying events that he lived through and how that affected the relationship with his father. Throughout the book, Elie and his father’s relationship faced many obstacles. In the beginning, Elie and his father have much respect for one another and at the end of the book, that relationship became a burden and a feeling of guilt. Their relationship took a great toll on them throughout their journey in the concentration camps. As the story begins, Wiesel said, “My father was a cultured man, rather unsentimental. He…show more content…
The Gypsy who was in charge, punched his father with such intensity that he fell down and squirmed back to his place in line. “I stood petrified. What had happed to me? My father had just been struck, in front of me, and I had not even blinked. I had watched and kept silent.” Wiesel goes through a rollercoaster of emotions when dealing with his father. At times, Chlomo became his only hope and the only reason that he did not die. At other times, he felt that his father was a burden and was pulling him down. He couldn’t march well or keep up with the others. Through all of this despair and anguish their bond became stronger than ever. When the Russians were close to Buna the Germans rounded up all the prisoners they could and evacuated the camp. Elie was in the infirmary due to an infection on his foot, but all he could think about was staying close to his father. They had already suffered and endured so much that it was not the time to be separated. After many days of running, marching, and a long train ride under horrendous weather they reached Buchenwald. By then Elie’s father was already sick and weak. The sirens began to wail and they were chased into the blocks. At this point, sleep was all that mattered to Elie, not his father. When Wiesel awoke the next morning he realized that he had forgotten his father and went out to look for him. He thought if he didn’t find
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