Elijah And Elijah - Original Writing

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His Name Was Elijah “Elijah, I’m not buying you a hundred feet of paracord,” Dad said. “Aww, but it is only eight bucks!” Elijah whined. “It will never be this cheap again!” “No.” “Fine,” Elijah pouted, as he began to think about his day at school. They were driving home from school and work. When they got home Elijah grabbed his bags and went inside. When he got in, a wonderful aroma surrounded him. Elijah was thinking about how good dinner would taste. Elijah then got to work on his homework; after an hour later they had dinner. It had been a normal day. Nothing out of the normal, the same routine, same school, same house, same everything. When am I going to be done with my homework? Elijah thought. It’s almost seven thirty. If I don’t get done soon, I won’t be able to watch any TV. Elijah’s parents were upstairs and he was bored, so when he finished his homework at seven twenty-three, he watched TV until eight, his favorite channel was showing Castaway. Then he went to sleep. At first he did not notice, Until he awoke. “Huh what’s that noise?” He awakened, when he saw the lights through his window. It all happened so fast after that moment; his dad came down the stairs with his mom, who was crying in pain. They went through the door and disappeared for a second. Elijah jumped out of bed and sprinted to the door. He looked through the door to see his parents get on an ambulance. As he ran down to get them he cried and wailed. His dad turned and beckoned for him to get

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