Elijah The Prophet By Elijah

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Elijah the Prophet I have decided to write my Old Testament essay on the mysterious prophet Elijah. According to the bible, in the book of Kings, Elijah was not only a devoted prophet of God, but he also served as a worker who lived in the northern kingdom of Israel, under King Ahab’s reign. Elijah is remembered for his remarkable faith and devotion to God. In writing this essay, I will tell the story of one the many adventures that occurred in Elijah 's lifetime. Of course, there are so many alterations and rewritten versions of the bible, that I have no idea what to believe. No one truly knows what happened, for everyone who could have, died long ago. Either way, all the different versions of the story seem to have the same basic outcome. In telling you this, I will try to incorporate the information that is mentioned throughout the book, “The Old Testament Story, Ninth Edition” (by John H. Tullock and Mark McEntire) and some of what I have been taught myself over my twenty-eight years of life. It all began when King Ahab, and his deceitful wife Jezebel demanded for their kingdom to worship the false God of Baal. As a result, they ordered all the prophets of the Lord to be put to death. Elijah was the only one to survive this horrible purge and went to confront King Ahab. He told the King that a three-year drought would be brought upon Israel. This was to challenge the people’s false prophet, Baal and eventually teach them a very valuable lesson in whose God was real.
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