Eliminate Tonsil Stones

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How to Eliminate Tonsil Stones without Going under the Knife People often find small white nuggets in their tonsils. Due to this, they feel like there is something stuck in their throat. These small white nuggets are actually tonsil stones. Many people are often unaware that they have this problem. The reasons for tonsil stones Tonsil stones appear when leftover food particles, bacteria, dead skin cells and mucus accumulate and form deposits in the tonsil crypts. The color of the tonsil stones can be yellow or white. Meanwhile, the texture is squishy and soft. Tonsil stones can cause other heath issues, such as breathing problems, bad breath, problems when swallowing food and irritation of the throat. Who can get tonsil stones? The chances…show more content…
These methods can all be practiced in the comfort of your home. Here are some of them: Q-tips The tonsil stones can be easily removed if the Q-tip is visible and big enough so that the back of the throat can be reached. You need to push the visible part of the tonsils with the Q-tip gently. Perform this procedure in front of a mirror. With enough gentle pressure, the stones will pop out from the behind of the tonsil pocket. Dental irrigation syringes You should point the curved tip of the syringe in the tonsil pocket to eliminate deep stones that cannot be seen. Keep the head down so that the stones come out of the mouth. The syringe should contain equal parts of warm water and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Oral irrigator This irrigator contains water flosser nozzle, water reservoir and a motor. Blast the stones by positioning the nozzle at the tonsil crevices. Be careful not the damage the tonsils. Oral probiotics Probiotics will damage the bacteria that cause the tonsil stones. Mix 4 oz. of warm water with the content from a probiotic capsule and swish the mix in your mouth. Try to reach the tonsil by keeping your head back. Toothpastes and chewing gums can also be helpful against tonsil
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