Eliminating the Death Penalty

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Introduction The Golden Rule states that one should treat others as they expect to be treated. This simple and time honored tradition has allowed for peaceful coexistence in society throughout the development of history. Unfortunately disputes happen and agreements are broken. Laws have been developed as a result of humans interacting with each other as people continue to evolve. Somewhere along this evolutionary path, death and murder became acceptable when sanctioned by government or state agencies. This murder, execution became in existence to punish those who have broken the rules of society and the collective government had determined that death is the best possible outcome for the situation. The purpose of this essay is to describe the death penalty as a outdated and inefficient means of governance that demonstrates the barbaric nature of organized government that still exists today. This essay will discuss key elements of this subject as the more controversial and ignored facts about state-sanctioned death squads act to eliminate human life in the name of truth and justice. The essay will provide counter arguments that will help contextualize the argument and bring a new understanding to the subject that will help human evolution grow in new ways the eliminates the brutal and unnecessary treatment of prisoners. In Support Of Eliminating the Death Penalty Humanity's lack of understanding about life and death certainly causes many problems in society. The mystery
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