Eliot Ness

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Who was Eliot Ness? Nearly anyone knows Ness’ accomplishments in Cleveland when he went up against Al Capone. Most also know Capone eventually went to jail for tax evasion, but what happened to Ness and his Untouchables? Did they merely fade away into quiet life? The fate of Ness was quite the opposite, he continued doing what he fell in love with. Taking down corruption on any level. He carried on his war on the mob for an entire decade after Capone, staging daring raids on bootleggers, illegal gambling clubs and generally putting organized crime on the run. Ness’ exploits in Chicago were chronicled in his book The Untouchables, but if he had carried on against the mob, why wouldn’t he publicize such exploits? He…show more content…
Bill Gardner: an enormous former pro football star of Native American decent Even with his team of specialists Ness was not without human fears. It was well known that Al Capone was the greatest criminal ever to walk the earth and every honest cop who ever went after him wound up dead. Not only cops for that matter but rivaling gangsters, such as Bugs Moran who was executed in the famous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Despite the obvious danger Ness ripped into Capone’s illegal activities with unmatched zeal. The first skirmish Ness had with Capone was an unparalleled success. He split his team so that each would make two raids that night for a total of eighteen stills. It was a complete success, fifty-two men were jailed and thousands of dollars in equipment was confiscated, and the product of this equipment poured down the sewers. In the months that followed Ness led raid after raid, and although Capone adapted his defenses, Ness adapted his attacks as well. Wire tapping was their most useful ally and helped them meet success time after time. At first Capone thought against assassinating Ness, seeing as the death of a prominent federal agent would only worsen his troubles. However Capone truly believed that every man had his price and tried to bribe Ness with two thousand dollars a week. At the time Eliot made a mere three thousand dollars a year, yet his integrity forbade him to take the bribe. He similarly

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