Elisabeth Godwin's Narrative Essay

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Elisabeth Godwin tossed and turned, as she laid in bed on Tuesday night. The rushing sound of free falling rain drifted into her sleep. It's those same dreams that have kept her up, in the dead of the night, over the last several months. Haunting her. Beckoning her to cross over to the other side. It was as if, satan himself, knew the calling God had placed upon her. He sought with all his strength to convert her before she accepted Christ.

There have been many times, over the years, when Elisabeth felt she was no ordinary girl. A still small voice whispered into her heart, God has called you for a greater purpose. She spent years following the churches prayer of salvation. In her heart, Elisabeth knew if she wanted to enter through the gates
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Immediately following, a violent rattling came. Fear would not elude her. The bed began to shake, but she could not tear eyes away from the creature she caught a glimpse from. Elisabeth stared down by her feet at the white footboard. Deliberately rising, it swayed back and forth in the motion. From the abyss underneath her bed, a golden striped and brown demon rose. Flickering its tongue in and out, the form of a rattlesnake hovered ready to attack. He swayed to and fro – hissing as his tongue popped in and out. Flickering it up and down. Gasping she opened her mouth and tried to scream. Silence. She covered her mouth when her scream fell silent. She laid frozen in fear, as she could only watch when his head rose higher to hover above her. The giant snake was the largest she had ever seen before. His head was the width of her bedroom door and his length must have been 30 feet she thought. This was the end, she thought. The end of her would come by the teeth of a giant…show more content…
Smiling, she enjoyed the ride from the grocery store. Excitement building at the thought of the camp-out. They headed toward the church for a 'Royal Scouts' camp-out, when Elisabeth felt the car slow to a stop. Looking to her mother she asked; 'What's wrong mommy? Why are we stopping?' 'Someone's car broken down, honey. So we're just slowing down so people can go around them.' She looked out her window at the little white car stopped on the two-lane bridge. With just barely passing the room, she watched as people moved their cars to the right side of the lane. From somewhere behind their car, the sound of a freight train came squealing to a halt. With a burning smell of rubber, piercing her nostrils, a logging truck whizzed past her window. It happened so fast. When the truck came barreling down the road, it fish-tailed into the back end of Elizabeth's little white car. Shattering her window, Elisabeth as pieces of glass floated through the air and the car turned toward the ledge of the tiny bridge. The ringing sound of her mother's screams rang deep within her ears, as the water on her right slowly came into view. Jerking the steering wheel with all her might, her mother screamed as she desperately attempted to turn it away from the ledge. No matter how hard she tried, the wheel would not move in any direction. It was locked. Her mother threw her hands in the air while
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