Essay on Elitism in American Politics

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Elitism is the belief or philosophy that a particular group of persons with exceptional abilities, specialized training or experience, wealth, or other unique characteristics, are the people whose interpretations on different matters are to be taken most seriously. More simply, some believe these people are best fit to administer or whose understandings or actions are mostly likely to be beneficial and profitable. Otherwise, the term elitism could be used to pronounce a condition in which power is in fact focused in the hands of an elite, whether rightly or wrong.
Pluralism, in a rather general sense, is the acceptance and approval of diversity. The concept is used in a wide variety of issues and sometimes in many different ways. In
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This group of elites can efficiently order the goals for all or nearly all significant government policy making. They may also lead the actions of educational organizations and mass media in today’s society. Their power can easily be seen by their financial resources and also on their rankings among the top of the big corporations, and believe it or not, it does not depend on whether or not they can gain large amounts of support through labors to embody interests and the good of social groups in the United States. The elitist theorists and a large portion of Americans believe, that this country cannot be run by powerless masses of average voters to chose a leader well fit to lead our nations in the right direction.
Many Americans believe that the United States government is untouchable by the everyday citizen, and in many ways this is very true. Yet a democracy depends for its very livelihood on expressive contacts between the people and the government. For example, campaigns and elections focus on citizens and remind them that they have ultimate power, the vote. The campaigns of recent years are increasingly extravagant and much longer than those of the past. Costing millions upon millions of dollars, enticing the attention of the public anyway imaginable. With all of the expense and glamour, the course of electing government officials offers peoples with important information concerning matters and candidates' credentials for office. Interest groups
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