Eliza Doodalittle On Pygmalion

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After having read Shaw's Pygmalion; realizing that Eliza Doolittle shares many differences and similarities with Henry higgins. And even though it may not seem so; these two work together through clashing their personalities but both believe in the same ideal. While Eliza Doolittle struggles to survive on the streets of London and Henry Higgins enjoys life of a wealthy gentlemen, both share an ideal that through education and language, life can change drastically. But how a person uses their education shows who they truly are.

Eliza and Higgins are very alike in the fact that they believe education can provide work. For example “Simply phonetics the science of speech. That's my profession; also my hobby. Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby! You can spot an Irishman or a Yorkshireman by his brogue” -Act 1. Here, Higgins proves a point that the art of education and speech can provide and be used as a tool. Also in his case used as a job and this is exactly what Eliza is looking for a way to use education in her favor. “Well, sir, in three months i could
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While Mr. Higgins was the exact opposite of this he not only used language for wealth but a way to make others feel as if they were less important than himself. For example- “Higgins- [confidently] oh no: i think not. If there is any trouble he shall have it with me, not i with him. And we are sure to get something interesting out of him. Pickering- about the girl? Higgins- No. i mean the dialect.” -Act 2. This provided that Mr. Higgins treats people more of test subject to his plan, than trying to better others such as Eliza. Mr. higgins continues to be rude to eliza after teaching her; by calling her a “guttersnipe” and a “squashed cabbage leaf” and both of these thing were very insulting to Eliza. And even in act 4 Mr. Higgins said she meant less than his lowly house
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