Elizabeth Adunoa Personal Statement

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Most people here in America, know me as Elizabeth Adunola, a Montgomery college student studying pre-Nursing but the official name given to me by my parents is Iyanuoluwa Adunola. I was born in Ibadan, Nigeria on the 8th of November 1995. My dad, Dr. Wale Adunola is a professor in the architectural department of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Nigeria and my mom, Mrs. Bukky Adunola owns a pre-school.
I began high school in Maverick College Bodija, Nigeria. Then, I relocated to South Africa in 2009 with my mom and two siblings, and started High School all over at Elmar College. I later transferred to The Glen High School, in 2011, and graduated as a high school graduate in the year 2012. During my time in high school, I passed Cum Laude throughout and I received a Colors Award and a Cum Laude Certificate for Academic Excellence. I served as the Media Monitor throughout my time at school, and I was
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On the other hand, my career vision is to one day be able to go on medical missions and provide healthcare services to the less privileged and underdeveloped countries across the globe, including my country, Nigeria.
I hope to be given the opportunity to join the Renaissance Scholars program and contribute intellectually to this learning environment. I believe I deserve to be selected because as a hard working student, I will commit myself to take advantage of the opportunities that the scholarship offers.
My parents have tried to provide me with the most support, emotional and financially. However, their earnings are not always enough as the Nigerian government delays my dad’s salary most of the time and my mom barely make enough to assist. The exchange rate is also a factor that makes my financial stability more challenging. As a result, I search for job opportunities and scholarships to help out with my
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