Module 7 Pertussis Lyme Disease

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Elizabeth Althouse
Module 7 Assignment Influenza Pertussis Lyme Disease
Disease is limited to humans, i.e. no animal reservoir? No. Depending on the type of Influenza it can be found in pigs, birds, whales, horses, seals and cats (“Transmission of,” 2017). Yes, Pertussis is a disease that is only found in humans which is transferred by body fluids (“Causes and Transmission,” 2015). No. There is a multitude of animals that can be infected by Lyme disease including dogs, horses, cattle, etc. but only ticks can spread the infection (Burgdorfer, Barbour, Hayes, Benach, Grunwaldt, & Davis, 1982).
Limited persistence in the environment? (1 week) Yes. On a various type of surfaces Influenza, A and B can survive for 24-48 hours (Bean, Moore, …show more content…

Yes, for the particular strain that a person was vaccinated for. Yes and no. The vaccination that is available for Pertussis only provides patients with immunity for a limited time (“Whopping cough,” 2017). Due to the fact that the immunity provided through the vaccination is only for a limited time patients must get booster shots in order to maintain their immunity. No, currently there is no vaccine available.
Herd immunity prevents perpetuation of an epidemic No. The CDC every year has to make an educated guess on what the strain of influence is going to be. Even if 80% of the population was to get vaccinated to create herd immunity there is no way to be certain that it will be that strain of influence for that year (Webby & Webster, 2003). No. While if it was possible herd immunity would prevent an epidemic of Pertussis but it is not possible. The factors that prevent herd immunity from being possible include the fact that the vaccinations wear off over time and it is easily spread (“Pertussis Frequently,” 2017). No, because there is no vaccine available herd immunity is not possible and even if there was a vaccine herd immunity would not protect those not vaccinated from getting bite by a tick.
Easily diagnosed disease No. The symptoms of the disease are the same as the common cold. No. It is hard to diagnose Pertussis early because the symptoms are the same as the common cold and only until the later stages of the disease is it normally

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