Elizabeth Anne Porter Research Paper

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There is this girl trying to escape her past. She is young and did nothing. Her name is Elizabeth Anne Porter and she is 16 years old when she becomes youtube famous. Everyone says she is too young to become famous. they try telling her it will destroy her future if she continues doing what she is doing. But she wants to become famous.

A year later a producer sees her youtube videos and want to record an album with her. So he finds where she lives and goes there. He is so surprised with how young she is. He sits down with her, her mom and dad and sisters and brothers. She has a huge decision to make that can either make or break her future. It takes her days to make up her mind and finally she chooses, She choose to become famous and record an album with him.
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They wanted to make her a model. So they went to the studio where she recorded her songs and asked to see her. They set up an interview with her are her parents. The interview came around and she agreed to become a model to. So she went to her first photo shoot.

Then a director saw her photos from her photo shoot and wondered if she could act. so he went to her photo shooting studio but she wasn't there and he looked up her name and found her youtube videos and her songs and all her photos. He liked what he saw of her youtube videos and was certain she could act. Then he went to her recording studio and talked to her about become an actor. She said she would give it a try. He gave her a script to practice. She practiced and practiced till the day of the audition came. She was nervous on the day of the audition but she had no reason to be nervous because she got the lead role. The lead role was a little girl trying to escape from the evil guys trying to kill her and her family.

Elizabeth's 5 sisters and 2 brothers were getting so jealous of her. Then that is where everything started to go
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