Elizabeth As An Oppressed Victim Of The Patriarchal Society Essay

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However, she also brings to the light the ideal picture of the society as through the unusual portrayal of Elizabeth, different from the typical women of that time. She looks beyond the gender inequalities and the discrimination on the basis of class, which were the hallmarks of the society during that time. The female protagonist, Elizabeth is represented as equal to Mr. Darcy in the terms of wit, sense and humor. She is not depicted as an oppressed victim of the patriarchal society. She emerges as a strong woman and is not weighed down by gender roles and distinctions. Austen has not presented Elizabeth as inferior to Mr. Darcy in any terms. She overlooks the gender discrimination where the men were considered as superior to women, while sketching the character of Elizabeth. She is a strong headed woman who refuses to bow down to the patriarchal norms of the society and matrimony. Thus Austen differs in the portrayal of women from her contemporaries and the typical writers of the 18th century England. She does not follow the tradition of portraying women as subordinate and inferior to men. However, the society during that time was patriarchal, where women were reduced to commodities and objects for sexual gratification of men. Marriage was their only safeguard and financial security and also the medium to maintain a social status and not to escape poverty. It was a common belief that the sole purpose of a woman was to completely devote herself to her husband. It was
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