Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's If Thou Must Love Me

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In today’s society, individuals express many different emotions in the form of literature, love being the most popular. There are many famous individuals who have transferred their love to another’s heart through poetry. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a prominent poet of the Victorian era, explored the theme of love in her poetry. Born in Durham, England on March 6, 1806, Elizabeth Robert Browning began to show significant amounts of interest in literature at the age of eight. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote forty four love poems inspired by her love for Robert Browning. She expresses the depth of her love passionately and directly in the form of sonnet. In this paper, it will be established that three of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poems: If Thou Must Love Me, How Do I Love Thee and Change Upon Change all demonstrate the theme of love through figurative language and relations on a personal level. As well, why Browning’s works should be studied in grade eleven English University level course. In Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem If Thou Must Love Me, reveals the theme of love through the poet’s lover. This poem shows Elizabeth Browning’s suggestion to her lover, Robert Browning about how he should love her. The poet uses various figures of speech in order to give the reader greater depth to the meaning of the poem. The sonnet begins with Browning saying to Robert Browning that he must not love her for the sake of apparent love. Instead of loving her superficially, she wants
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