Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Poetry

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Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry was particularly prevalent while she was alive. “Sonnets from the Portuguese” proved to be her most popular work. Browning was born Elizabeth Barrett on March 6, 1806; she was the firstborn of 11 siblings. Her life was closely guided by her father, Edward Moulton Barrett. Browning was a talented reader, though she never attended any formal education, and the young woman began writing poetry very early. At the age of thirteen, her father had her epic “the Battle of Marathon” published. At the age of fifteen, Browning contracted a nervous disorder, causing headaches, weakness and fainting spells, which lasted for the rest of the poet’s life. Elizabeth Barrett’s relationship with poet Robert Browning yielded…show more content…
Throughout the next few lines, Browning deals with abstract ideas, and she does not give the reader any physical symbols of love to make it easier to grasp for the reader. However, one could assume that the abstract ideas in the work illustrate how large her love is for the person whom this poem is directed. She juxtaposes her ideas of love with death at the end of the first stanza. In the second stanza, Browning presents the first physical images of sun and candle-light. In these lines she is telling the reader that her love continues through night and day. She continually compares her love to the love men have for God, especially in the final stanza. In the final line, Browning finally states that death will only make her love…show more content…
For her, however, no confusion exists: God is Love, and Robert Browning’s love brought concrete form to the concept: in a Platonic sense, it gave form to the formless.” She concludes that, in Barrett Browning’s understanding, the “flame of love is divine in origin; it burns through lovers; its fire distills all lesser metal out; what remains is the pure essence.” Radley places such emphasis on the comparison of divine and impure love because Browning asserted that all love is purified in
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