Elizabeth Barrett Browning's The Cry Of The Children

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Time and time again, people throughout history have been faced with the opportunity to positively transform the world they know in opposition and turmoil for those around them and for the world’s future inhabitants. Too many have let that opportunity go as they watch injustice pass them by. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, however, did not let change escape her sight. She flourished in progressivism and jumped at the chance to make lives she never even knew, better. As an author, her Victorian Age poem speaks to intellectual minds and inspires otherwise hopeless ones, even today. Child labor, as it was, left a mark on far too many children that it never should have, but her poem relating their suffering leaves a mark on people even today; there…show more content…
Her main exposition involved the simple belief that child labor was wrong, any way you look at it, and that remains true today, nearly two hundred years later.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote “The Cry of the Children” during the Victorian Age; her piece reflects on the relentless child labor during that time and describes the poor treatment of the children. During the Victorian Age, England was undergoing many significant changes. England was making economic advances and similarly, socially and ethically improving the lives of its inhabitants. England was finally introducing the railroad system, which resulted in manufacturing growth. Despite a considerable rise in industry, the farmers of the 1830’s had a difficult time
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There is, however, a promising chance that it opened many eyes to what was happening right in front of them. Considering that this story is still being read today proves that somehow people somewhere acknowledged its importance enough to pass it on and consider it of noteworthy literary merit, and of noteworthy ethical importance. “The Cry of the Children” has not only affected the life of people in the Victorian Age, but it continues to affect people today. Because of admirable, brave souls like Elizabeth Barrett Browning who were willing to take a stand for what they believed was wrong, both children and adults no longer have to suffer through those punishing conditions. This story remains applicable to young impressionable minds and in the workings of society. People are still learning from people like Elizabeth- the simple yet significant poet- who understood the reality of greater times if only someone takes a
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