Elizabeth Bathory: The World's Most Extreme Female Serial Killer

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Elizabeth Bathory, one of the world’s most extreme and terrifying female serial killers. Many people know her by name or at least know of her crimes. The tales of her obsession with blood and beauty inspired a whole gothic nation to create a new look for an old monster, but what can one say is truth or myth? Who was Elizabeth Bathory and what lead her to kill close to 650 young girls? Elizabeth Bathory, also known by the name Erzsebet, was born on August 7th in the year 1560, to Baron George Bathory and Baroness Anna Bathory. Her parents were cousins, both born to the Bathory name (Penrose, 2013). Her father was from the Ecsed branch of the Bathory clan and her mother was part of the Somlyo branch. Elizabeth was one of four children and is said to have been a very educated women of here time. She was supposedly fluent in three languages, this being a very big deal because at the time most Hungarian nobles were in fact illiterate (BBC, 2001). The Bathory family was a very famous, wealthy and powerful family. They had estates upon estates, land upon land, and gold upon gold. The name Bathory had more influence than the king of Hungary, because they had more land and wealth than he did (The Most Evil Women in History "The Bloody Countess", 2011). Elizabeth had famous relatives up and down the family tree. Her ancestor Stephon Bathory fought with Vlad Tepes to help him get his thrown back. Her Mother’s brother was the king of Poland and her cousin was the prince to Transylvania.

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