Essay about Elizabeth Bishop's One Art

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Considered by many as a poet for poets, Elizabeth Bishop was one of the most refined voices of the American poetry of the last century. She was known as one of the best female American poets of the contemporary period famous for her style patent with simplicity and precision. Her work was famous for disclosing the mysteries of her personal life by cleverly chosen representations. In her very-famous villanelle, “One Art,” Bishop’s tone seems relaxed at first impression, yet the reader can later feel her disguised frustration. Her internal feelings reflect the pain she has experienced due to loss, and with the emotions wanting to come to life from the page, Bishop converts them into art by controlling and shaping them into a very well-…show more content…
During her senior year at Vassar, she began publishing her own short stories and poems in literary journals. In her last semester she met poet Marianne Moore who was “her first literary mentor… [and]…whose work she had admired,” (Hamilton, 2). She graduated from Vassar in 1934 as an English Major. By 1950, Bishop had received the Guggenheim Fellowship, was appointed Consultant in Poetry at the Library of Congress, and was honored with an award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters with poems such as “Visits to St. Elizabeths,” and “her first volume North and South …which includes her most anthologized single poem, ‘The Fish’,”(Fleming, 1). In November 1951, she traveled for the first of many times to South America where she met and was invited to live with Maria Carlota “Lota” Soares, who was very intimately connected to the elite of Brazil. Before Bishop traveled to Brazil, she already had a developed alcoholism, asthma and depression, however, Lota was a great benefit to her by building Bishop a writing studio and giving her higher hopes and expectations. Their love for each other was “’utter happiness’” and Bishop’s “letters from Brazil are the highlight of One Art,” (Duncan, 3). However, their life of “domestic bliss” abruptly ended when Lota was put in charge of a park and they were forced to leave their honeymoon stage (Duncan 3). “Lota’s exhaustion and
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