Elizabeth, By Elizabeth Hebel

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Introduction The person of choice for this conducted interview is Elizabeth Hebel. Elizabeth was born in Dgansk, Poland. Elizabeth’s parents and grandparents were also born in Poland. Although Elizabeth family is majority filled with Polish descent, there are additional cultural roots stemming from Russia, Portugal, and Italy. Through this interview, it is concluded Elizabeth’s family background does not differentiate vastly from the current traditional American family. The traditions, values, and celebrations of Elizabeth’s family is nearly homologous to many American born families. All-inclusive, the family background of the interviewee Elizabeth is filled with rich Polish heritage with only slight differences from the typical…show more content…
Therefore, Elizabeth has a shortage of information regarding her father and her parent’s relationship. Nonetheless, Elizabeth mentioned her parents went to high school together and met one another because they had a similar friend group. Then shortly after Elizabeth’s mother became pregnant, her father did not associate with their family. Moreover, Elizabeth informs the interviewer her father was not even allowed to come into the household throughout her childhood. Furthermore, Elizabeth’s father remained out of her life to the extent of remaining in Poland when she moved to Chicago during her fifth-grade year of school.
Major Tradition/ History or Events #4 While the information was understandably limited about Elizabeth’s father, her mother childhood consists of a great deal of traveling. Elizabeth informed the interviewer one of the prominent contributions to this frequent movement consists of the rough period Poland was in throughout her mother’s childhood. Additionally, combined with this factor, Elizabeth’s mother transported to numerous countries because her father obtained an uncommon machine operating license at the time. Therefore, Elizabeth’s maternal family was often sent around due to multiple construction jobs. In her childhood, Elizabeth’s mother lived in France, Italy, and Africa before returning to Poland. This made schoolwork and friendships
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