Elizabeth Cady Stanton : A Radical For Women 's Rights

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Lois W. Banner is the author of "Elizabeth Cady Stanton: A Radical for Women 's Rights". She is also the author of many other books based on women, such as "Women in Modern America: A Brief History". Banner wrote this book in order to showcase to the world all of the situatuions that Elizabeth Cady Stanton faced and overcame. This very informative novel shows how Stanton has had doors opened for the population of women. She received her PhD at Columbia University. As a history professor at the University of Southern California, Louis W. Banner teaches on topics that include gender and sexuality and studies of women. Having strong interests in these subjects makes an important woman such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton stand out to Banner. Being that they are both women and both feminist makes Stanton even more relatable to Banner. This book was written in honor of one of the ladies that some would refer to as a "stepping stone" in the history of women 's rights. Not a stepping stone in which to walk on, but someone that helped create new ways to approach social issues; whether peaceful or not. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, along with many other known women, helped pave the way for women today. Banner proved this many times in the book when she brought situations that arose, how they were handled, and also when she talked about Stanton 's personality. Stanton had a very strong personality that included standing firm on what she believed in, especially equality for women. Banner went on…
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